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KR is driver of knowledge in the fields of business, management and human resources. We produce unique evidence-based research on human capital and labour in South Africa and other African countries. We believe strongly in Africa’s potential and are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date business content on human capital.

Our experienced research team has a wealth of diverse experience, with qualifications in Industrial Psychology, Management and International Relations.

In addition, KR runs the HR Think Tank together with the Institute of Futures Research. The HR Think Tank works to improve South Africa’s talent competitiveness through targeted research and interventions in key areas. It aims to ultimately shift the country’s trajectory by pursuing the conditions for people to reach their potential in the world of work. Members help to shape and influence policy and the broader challenges facing HR and labour. Click here find out more about the HR Think Tank.

KR is also a leading publisher of business books and runs ground-breaking conferences that bring together business experts and practitioners around the cutting-edge business and HR topics. To find out more about our publications and upcoming events, visit the KR website at www.kr.co.za.

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+27 11 706 6009

+27 11 706 6009